Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Update: How Far Will the Show Last?

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A lot has been revealed about the upcoming Star Wars Rebels season 3 during the Star Wars Celebration in London, but nothing has been as surprising as the apparent coming of Timothy Zahn?s Grand Admiral Thrawn to the third season. This brought speculations that somehow, showrunner Dave Filoni knew it was going to happen and had planned it from the very beginninG. Did he actually see things happening when he tweeted Ahsoka Tano?s line ?There?s always a bit of truth in legends.?

Filoni, on the other hand, downplayed the speculations, saying ?I can?t remember when I wrote that line. I think I was messing with everyone a little bit. We didn?t have confirmed Thrawn being on the show yet. I mainly wrote that just to say, ?Look, I know there?s probably a lot of truth in plenty of those stories. But they can?t just be considered canon right now. So we?ll just see where we go from there.’?

Since the whole Star Wars Rebels storyline happens prior to A New Hope, according to Coming Soon, ?Star Wars Rebels? is heading in the direction of Rogue One mainly for its story concept, look and feel. When asked whether he sees ?Star Wars Rebels? going beyond ?A New Hope,? he said ?It absolutely could. There would be nothing wrong with that if we chose that that was important for us to tell the story. We have surmised, over the years, that the Rebellion isn?t technically over until ?Return of the Jedi? and even then there was some additional fighting that leads up to Jakku.?


That being said, it might take some effort from Filoni to bring a good ending to Rebels and choose the best sagas to make a good storyline and continue from there. Star Wars Rebels season 3 is also set to premiere on Disney this fall, but its first two episodes were already screened at the recent Star Wars Celebration in London.

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