Star Wars Rebels Season 3 News & Update: Ahsoka Tano as the First True Gray Jedi?

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If you watched Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, you wouldn?t think she will be making any impact on the Star Wars series. However, Lucasfilm has been hitting it out of the park with its animated series, eventually coming up with Star Wars Rebels, where the character of Ahsoka also changed for the better, a more mature character with a meaningful presence to be seen in Star Wars Rebels Season 3.

Previously, after Ahsoka has worked through the challenges of training as a padawan and the rigors of war, she ultimately realized the shortcomings of being a Jedi. Now, as the situation in the galaxy worsened, Ahsoka was forced to leave the Order after she was accused of bombing the temple, even though she was ultimately cleared of blame when it was uncovered that the bombing was the fault of fellow Padawan Barriss Offee. Anakin was the one to uncover this and clear Ahsoka?s name, naturally also since she was his Padawan in training. This whole situation also led to Anakin?s vicious doubts about the Jedi Order and the moral code it had to follow, ultimately leading Anakin to team up with the Dark Side. Meanwhile, the story sees Ahsoka as one of the great leaders of the Rebellion and in that position, she enjoyed having a grip on the galactic universe. Rejecting the order but trained in the ways, this would certainly qualify her as a Gray Jedi.

Meanwhile, the new Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will feature two new characters, mainly Grand Admiral Thrawn and Bendu. Thrawn?s appearance will be first seen on the the episode ?Steps into Shadow? coming this fall. Bendu, on the other hand, will play a neutral party, neither considering himself as a Jedi or a Sith. Bendu will also serve as a ?medium? in the interaction between Jedi and the Sith.

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With Thrawn?s return, showrunner Dave Filoni said ?Thrawn was one of the most challenging characters we ever had to cast. We knew you wanted it and we wanted it too. Thrawn is back!?

Are you excited to see the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 this year? What do you think of Filoni?s statement ?there’s always a bit of truth in legends.” Don?t miss the next interesting updates on the Star Wars Rebels Season 3 by reading on TheBitbag.


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