Star Wars Rebels Season 3 News: Thrawn Is In; See One Other Character Surprise

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After the Star Wars celebration in London a few weeks ago, Star Wars Rebels Season 3 hinted at a promising premiere, specially after the first two episodes of the series were screened at the event. After the event, LucasFilm has been more open about the series and what fans may expect from it.

Previously, it was reported that Timothy Zahn?s Grand Admiral Thrawn will be included in Star Wars Rebels Season 3. During his interview at the Star Wars Celebration, Filoni answered inquiries about Grand Admiral Thrawn, saying ?When we start, I always want to know where it?s all going. If we bring [Thrawn] in, we have to think reasonably about, ?Where is he?? There are any number of reasonable answers as simple as, ?He?s on a Star Destroyer.??

The arrival of Thrawn has been exciting, but it?s also Darth Maul?s antagonist nature that gives more excitement to the series. In a previous report about ?Star Wars Rebels? Season 3, Filoni also mentioned how Maul may eventually face Darth Vader in battle, but he also quickly said it won?t be season 3?s main attraction.

Now, it could also be that other popular characters will be in the series, as rumors suggest the character of Bendu will be featured in the premiere of ?Star Wars Rebels?. Bendu will neither be characterized as a Sith or a Jedi, but his expertise in using the Force might suggest there?s something more to his character. Primarily, Bendu will play the role of the neutral fighter. With no indication whether the fighter will side with good or evil, it?s quite unpredictable and viewers might eventually see Bendu as the enemy. Meanwhile, as confirmed by showrunner Dave Filoni before, the return of Darth Maul will cause so much trouble in Star Wars Rebels Season 3.


In the latest video promo taken from the recent Star Wars Celebration in London, it features Ezra and the blind Kanan ready to fight Darth Maul.?So aside from Thrawn, expect the character of Bendu and Darth Maul on the upcoming ?Star Wars Rebels? Season 3. Don?t miss the latest update on the ?Star Wars Rebels? by reading on TheBitbag.

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