Star Wars Rebels Season 3 News & Updates: See What Creator Dave Filoni Revealed When Series Returns in 2017

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You can only hope your favorite Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will not spoil your 2017. But creator Dave Filoni might just have given us?clues on what to expect. Take note, his revelations will not define the whole series, but there?s a lot more to what he said than just plain information for the fans to know.

First off, Filoni featured through Facebook his original artwork for Star Wars Rebels Season 3. The Three Kings were shown, as well as a tribute to Carrie Fisher who plays Princess Leia in the original Star Wars trilogy. In his Twitter post where he featured the Three Kings, he said,

?Happy Holidays, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed Rogue One as much as I did. So now you know Chopper and Hera make it to Yavin- but will the rest of the Ghost crew? We’ve got Saw, more Mandalorians, the Dark Saber, and Maul coming… and Thrawn’s ultimate plan takes shape! See you in the New Year!?

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 spoilers

For Star Wars Rebels Season 3, fans ?can now conclude that Chopper and Hera finally made it to Yavin, but how about the rest of the Ghost Crew? Meanwhile, more Rebels spoilers reveal that Darth Maul is heading to Tatooine to face Obi-Wan Kenobi. What are his?plans on how to take down the Jedi Master?

Ultimately, Grand Admiral Thrawn and his clever ideas are coming to shape. Ezra knew from the very start that one of their greatest foes is the Admiral?s mind and how it twists everything to the Empire?s advantage. Star Wars Rebels Season 3 also features Sabine, the Mandalorian warrior who recently learned how to use the Dark Saber.


Meanwhile, on November, Filoni also shed some subtle, light-hearted story of where Bendu came from.

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Featured on his Facebook post, he said ?Twenty years ago, I was working on my student film in college. The plot had a young traveler encounter a mystical beast with great antlers who was, at first, hidden in the landscape. It struck me, after working on Season 3 of Rebels, that Bendu started out as this Moose from my college mind!?

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