Star Wars Rebels Cast Update: Sarah Michelle Gellar To Make An Appearance?

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The Vampire Slayer now has a character role in the second season of Star Wars Rebels.

Fans of the series were teased when Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) was announced as a cast member for the second season of Star Wars Rebels, many were speculating on which roles she would be playing as. It was then revealed that Gellar won?t be playing a role for the Rebels, but instead she will be playing as the Seventh Sister, one of the Inquisitor that are hunting down the remaining Jedi, including Kanan, who is voiced by her husband Freddie Prinze Jr.

We found out about the Inquisitor in season one where he was employed by Darth Vader in hunting down the Jedi remnants, including Kanan and his apprentice Ezra. However Inquisitors are not a full pledged Sith, though they can use the Force and can wield lightsabers. After his defeat in season one, it was discovered that he has underlings, and this includes the Seventh Sister.

A new video was available showing Sarah Michelle Gellar talking about her character and explains that Kanan and his rebel friends aren?t just on the Seventh Sister?s crosshair, but also another Jedi; Darth Vader?s old apprentice Ahsoka Tano. The Seventh Sister also wields the same lightsaber as with the Inquisitor, but she also has mimic droids that aid her in defeating her enemies.

Star Wars Rebels is a CGI animated series that took place between the events of Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith and Episode 4: A New Hope where it focus on the Rebel crew of the starship Ghost. It features some new original characters and known characters from the first and second Star Wars trilogy. The first season had favorable reviews and received high viewership ratings in America, Canada and United Kingdom.

The second season of Star Wars Rebels will premiere on October 14, 2015.

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