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Star Wars: Racism insults Patton Oswalt and Battlefront Updates

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There are many ways in which Star Wars is making waves this 2015.

While the movie is still some months away?coming at the end of this year, in fact?there had been many things that are said about the movie. One of these is a criticism of one of the characters, John Boyega, who is playing a Storm Trooper. He is being criticized for this simply because in the past films, there hasn?t been a Storm Trooper who?s African-American. Well, certainly that won?t disturb Darth Vader, now, won?t it?

That?s the reason we take a look at this USA Today news. Patton Oswalt, comedian and someone who might be a Star Wars fan, reacts to the choice. He tells people to ?get used to it? and that it?s no big deal?there?s meant to be diversity in a universe that big, anyway. Speaking of a big universe, here is an article from Gamespot which chronicles Star Wars: Battlefront. Apparently, we will be seeing and hearing more about the game in the months to come.

Patton Oswalt to the Rescue

The ?persecution? of John Boyega doesn?t sit well with comedian Patton Oswalt.

Speaking to Vulture via USA Today?s Entertain This! Section, Patton came to the rescue of John Boyega. He made the point that people shouldn?t be too surprised about encountering a black Storm Trooper due to the reason that the movie is already diverse?in that sense, Boyega is Human, while there are other species there as well as droids. He also went on to criticize the snub of Selma in the Oscars.

It makes sense that he would defend the diversity in the movie. According to the Star Wars wiki, the Storm Troopers underwent a radical overhaul after the Empire, and other species were allowed entry. Would that have made room for a Wookie Storm Trooper? That would?ve been interesting to see.

EA?s All-Out Support for Star Wars: Battlefront

On the Star Wars gaming scene, things seem to be progressing pretty well, too.

EA recently said that Star Wars: Battlefront?in development at DICE?is getting their full support. As per GameSpot, they plan to have the game before the holiday season of 2015 rolls around. It?s also rumored to contain quite a few easter eggs pertaining to the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and will feature a wider array of vehicles and locations which the player can go to or use.

What?s exciting is that, as per GameSpot, another entry to the Star Wars game discussion is an open-world Star Wars game being developed by Visceral Games. Just when you think you?ve seen it all; when will that game become available, though?

Star Wars Awesomeness

I tend to agree with Patton Oswalt when he said that even with black actors, Star Wars would?ve made a lot at the box office. It?s not the actors, but the acting, that people watch. The furor might?ve been because they haven?t seen a Storm Trooper, but then again, all the Clone Troopers weren?t as white as people expected, either.


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