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Star Wars: Plot Leaks Reveal a Spoiler?

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Star Wars is definitely making a splash lately.

The film, which is currently in production and scheduled to come at the end of this year, has been widely discussed by many groups. Some of them may have been negative, so far?just ask the people that?re currently in uprising over the controversial cross-guarded lightsaber and the black Storm trooper. However, any other fan will be willing to overlook these facts just for a glimpse and a realization of another truth: a new trilogy is in the works, just when we thought there weren?t going to be any anymore, and we should be thankful for that.

As per International Business Times, let?s take a look at an article that contains potential leaks. It is said that this Star Wars wasn?t a conventional movie?however, are these spoilers any indication that indeed it is a different movie than we initially thought? Also, speaking of the fans, this Star Wars article from Forbes shows us how much they love the franchise?so much so that they?re willing to point out mistakes in the franchise while liking it as a whole.

A Death in the Force?

Leaks make a franchise even more interesting, and it?s no different with a movie like Star Wars.

Despite J.J Abrams and Disney?s best efforts to prevent anything from leaking out, as per International Business Times, a leak has come out concerning the plot of the movie. This leak is integral in the story, in that [SPOILER ALERT] it shows the fate of Han Solo. Yes, the same Han Solo who was instrumental in the earlier trilogy. He?s about to get his wish, as per International Business Times, to be offed?citing that it makes for a more interesting storyline anyway.

That just paints a picture that this movie is anything but set in the mainstream Star Wars universe, but I could be wrong. In that Universe, Han Solo and Leia live on to have children, and it is someone else other than Solo who dies. Still, with the movie a long way away from release, who knows what the final product will look like?

Love the Franchise, Hate the Movie

This presents the problem which movie-goers often have to deal with: they love what the franchise stands for, but are selective in giving the same love to the movies.

At least, that?s what this Forbes article says. Citing movie franchises Star Wars and Alien, the report delves into the fan?s fascination with franchises while selecting movies out of the franchise. This proves true, in the case of Star Wars. Most fans would reject parts or the entirety of the Episode I to III trilogy while hailing the Episode IV to VI trilogy as revolutionary, with most irate at the acting the cast of Episode I to III.

If this is the case, then Star Wars VII to IX would have to be careful. As previously said, J.J Abrams has the benefit of six films to see what works and what doesn?t.

Star Wars Continues

With Star Wars films scheduled to come for the foreseeable future, the franchise gains an additional three films to either love or hate. However, how does J.J Abrams style fit in with the franchise? That remains to be seen. For now, let?s take a look at what development will come out concerning the film as time goes on.


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