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Star Wars: Of Lightsaber Designs and Star Trek-inclusive Trailers

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Star Wars is another Disney property that?s having a busy year.

When Disney brought Star Wars, they must have done so with the thought of cashing in on the franchise in mind. That comes in the guise of a third trilogy, further extending the mythos to three more films which could depict life after the death of the tyrannical Sith Emperor Palpatine and his oppressive Empire. We?re now beginning to see the fruits of that investment, and in December 2015, we should see a culmination of all the efforts Disney gave into acquiring Lucas Arts.

The lightsaber?yes, that lightsaber?has been the topic of discussion so far. In a report from Time, we take a look at the much maligned and controversial lightsaber with the cross guard. As it appears in the article, the one to blame for all that is the same company who?s responsible for the development of a little smartphone called the iPhone. In another report, this one from Geek, we take a look at an awesome trailer designed by someone who probably is a Trekkie and a Star Wars fan at the same time.

Apple to Blame for the Lightsaber?

Apple has been known for some pretty innovative things, but this is one thing they?re loathing to admit.

Based on the backlash which the Star Wars lightsaber has received, it?s a pretty risky thing to admit that you?re the creator of such a thing. But it?s something that Jony Ive isn?t afraid to admit, as per Time. According to the same article, Ive gave J.J Abrams advice about the new lightsaber, in that it would be more interesting if such a thing had a ?more analog and more primitive? design.

That the advice came during a dinner party in which the guests were ?boozy? didn?t seem to faze Abrams, evidently. However, it appears he would be more careful in receiving advice such as this the next time around, especially if it?s done in such circumstances.

Trekkie, meet Star Wars

For years, it?s an unspoken fact that a trekkie and a Star Wars fan would mix like water mixes with oil.

However, as per Geek, that?s not the case in this trailer. This is a work of art done by AlexTrailer on YouTube. AlexTrailers, if you would see on his YouTube page, is fond of creating videos such as this. This is only one of his many trailer mash-ups, albeit it might appear to be one of the more creative ones. He used choice cuts from the latest Star Trek movies and the past Star Wars films?as well as some cuts from the Star Wars online game?to create this film.

The trailer is below, if you want to see for yourselves.

[jwplayer mediaid=”109672″]

Star Wars is coming

So this is definite proof that indeed, Star Wars is about to arrive.

Disney sure came in at the right time to buy a product such as Star Wars. What will we see from the company? Will we view something new in the upcoming and the next movies to come out from them? Hopefully we do. Star Wars is coming this holiday season 2015, so mark your calendars.


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