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Star Wars News: George Lucas finally Watches Trailer plus a Rare Toy

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[By Chris Favero from USA (Boba Fett) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons]

There are times when parting with something equates to such sweet sorrow, so it must have been vaguely like that for George Lucas when he had to part with Star Wars. The movie franchise spawned six movies and tons of merchandise under George Lucas?s tutelage. However, the only permanent thing is change, they say, and so some things had to change?for instance, the ownership of Lucas Arts. The studio had since changed hands from Lucas? ownership to being a part of the Disney umbrella.

The times, they are a-changin?, alright.

So it was part-bitterness, perhaps, that forced George Lucas not to watch the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In spite of everyone who watched, George preferred to keep blissfully unaware of the movie. Screen Crush, however, reports that George Lucas has somewhat softened a bit, and managed to see the trailer. Also, if you thought some toys are expensive nowadays, wait till you see this report from The Mirror UK.

George Lucas Steps out of Shell

George Lucas is one man who has vowed not to see anything related to the new Star Wars franchise.

Call it bitterness or whatever, but the man responsible for bringing this franchise to life has distanced himself from it recently. Lucas has since sold Star Wars and his Lucas Arts outfit to Disney, and as to what he?s been busy in lately, he was chanced upon by Page Six via Screen Crush if he?s seen the trailer for the new Star Wars film. Surprise, surprise, he did. As it appears, it was ?intriguing?. As to what that word meant, Screen Crush could only speculate.

Lucas may still be hurting from what has happened, but it seems the franchise is in good hands. JJ Abrams is a proven director and, if the trailer is any indication of the movie, we?re in for a changing of the guard; a new era of Star Wars film-making, if you will.

Star Wars Toy Sells for ?10,000

The Mirror reports the lengths to which Star Wars memorabilia can go.

A Boba Fett collectible has been valued?as per Mirror UK?at around ?10,000. This belonged to a fan club chairman, Craig Stevens. The fan club is, of course, the Star Wars UK chapter of fans. The Boba Fett collectible is just one of many from Stevens? vast collection, some of which can fetch more than ?15,000 while others can go for as low as ?30-?50.

As to how the collection began, Stevens says that he started it as a child who was fascinated by the first trilogy of Star Wars films. He plans to part with the collection with a profit, although for him, parting is such sweet sorrow. It?s a bit understandable why that seems to be.

The Value of Star Wars

It doesn?t need to be said: Star Wars has grown pretty significantly over the decade. However which way you look at it, George Lucas may take a long time licking his wounds?even as the value of toys and other Star Wars memorabilia rises; the more rare, the better.


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