Star Wars News: Domhnall Gleeson?s Role and J.J Abram?s Threat

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This year is truly shaping up to be a wonderful one for Disney.

For one, Star Wars is arriving this year. Finally, after a long time of speculation whether ?Return of the Jedi? is the last movie people will get to watch from Star Wars?and Disney for that matter?the studio decided to go ahead and make three new films post-Lucas Arts. It?s great enough to see that there will at least be three new trilogies which today?s generation would come to appreciate.

However, we take a look at some news concerning Star Wars? director J.J Abrams as well as cast member Domhnall Gleeson. As per Business Insider, J.J Abrams? decision to field a different light saber seems to be more of a risk for him than earlier pointed out. It seems that quite a few Star Wars die-hards didn?t like what they saw. As per Den of Geek, Domhnall Gleeson?s role is more important than anyone ever expected?a rumor connects him with one of the main characters in the movie, the head Jedi himself, Luke Skywalker.

J.J Abrams Received Email Harassment

It seems that the light saber is still an issue for some fans.

While the design clearly needs a lot of explanation, a lot of fans took the matter seriously and went to making J.J Abrams? life hell, as per Business Insider. There have been a lot of things said about the light saber?that the guard, for one, will do the user a lot of harm rather than good. But J.J Abrams appear to be taking all of these pretty well, as per Business Insider.

It?s kind of funny how many people still have issues over the light saber, as well as Abrams? casting choice. I?m one of those fans who don?t see anything wrong with it?just the fact that there?s a new movie coming out is fine with me.

Domhnall Gleeson?s Importance

Domhnall Gleeson, on the other hand, could be having the time of his life.

The actor?who was last seen in films like Harry Potter and Judge Dredd?is getting a pretty beefy role, so says rumors that appeared on Den of Geek. As per reports, Gleeson is in line to play a pretty important role?that of the son of Luke Skywalker. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, however, it?s interesting to note that the son of Luke Skywalker?Ben Skywalker?appeared with cousins Jacen, Jaina, and Anakin Solo.

This could be pretty exciting news. Will we be seeing a universe set in the same place as the books have gone? For all we know, this could be a sort of alternate universe from the main timeline.

Star Wars is Serious Business

At least, from all of this, we can safely say that Star Wars is really serious business. Ask George Lucas, who created Star Wars and yet received some stick for the second trilogy. Ask the fans, who will take any director?even the creator himself?to task for giving them something sub-standard. As it appears, however, J.J Abrams still has time to fix any hitch, if ever there is any.


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