Star Wars News: Bobba Fett Film to Feature Daniel Logan as the Lead?

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Despite starring in a few indie films, most people remember Daniel Logan as the young Bobba Fett from ?Star Wars Episode 2: The Clone Wars?. While it was far from the most beloved entry in the franchise, Logan managed to be popular enough to reprise his role for the acclaimed Clone Wars animated series.

It seems like Logan does not want to be done with Star Wars yet, as he expressed interest in portraying Bobba Fett again during ToyCon 2016 in the Philippines. The actor has talked about how the role has changed his life and that it will not be his ?last bounty? anytime soon.

Bobba Fett is an iconic character, so it will not be much of a stretch to see the bounty hunter get a solo film. Admittedly, it might be a bit odd, since the character barely does anything in the original trilogy, with some fans pointing out that he just looks cool and has a nice arsenal of weapons that he never gets to use.

Other fans have defended Fett, stating that his roles in the expanded universe have given the character some credibility. His appearances in the most recent Star Wars comics have certainly made him more deadly, though he was still taken out by a blinded Luke Skywalker, which probably won?t impress his detractors.

Still, Daniel Logan is ready for a Bobba Fett film. With a new Han Solo film in the works, it would be nice to see another Star Wars spinoff featuring the galaxy?s most dangerous bounty hunter, despite him not killing any major characters in the original trilogy.

A new solo film could fix that problem and even endear him to some newer fans that fell in love with ?Star Wars: The Force Awakens?. Considering his constant presence in comic books, novels and video games a Bobba Fett film is probably something that Disney has considered. Whether we?ll see Daniel Logan in it or not will depend on the studio, but considering how popular he?s proven to be in cons, he will be considered, at the least.

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