Star Wars News: Ben Affleck Almost Directed the Force Awakens

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Star Wars
Star Wars

How would Star Wars: The Force Awakens have turned out if Ben Affleck had been in the director?s chair instead of JJ Abrams? Earlier this week, the Academy Award winning actor and film maker appeared on HBO as a guest on the maiden episode of former ESPN writer Bill Simmons new talk show: Any Given Wednesday.

Star Wars and Ben Affleck?

The pair?s discussion focused mainly on sports, as the Boston-born Affleck gave his two cents on the controversial ?DeflateGate? scandal by unleashing a now viral expletive laden rant in defense of his hometown New England Patriots. However, in between the football talk, he also dropped this huge bombshell regarding the latest Star Wars film.

?Is it true you almost directed [Star Wars: The Force Awakens]?? Asked Simmons.

?Well I wouldn?t be able to say,? replied Affleck with a grin on his face, ?It wouldn?t be polite to talk about the jobs you turned down. But I did have a lot of offers.?

It is safe to assume that one of the ?offers? Affleck is talking about is none other than his role as the DC Cinematic Universe?s new Batman. He was revealed as the Caped Crusader just a few months after Disney and Lucasfilm unveiled JJ Abrams as Star Wars: The Force Awakens? director. Affleck is signed on for multiple DC projects including a stand-alone Batman movie that he is also writing and directing.

What would an Affleck-helmed version of Star Wars be like? We will leave that to the fanboys to figure out.

This revelation is truly an unexpected bit of information. HBO has made the full episode of the show available for?viewing on Youtube, so you can see it for yourself. Affleck?s interview begins at the 17:00 minute mark while the Star Wars talk starts at around 20:40.

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