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Star Wars: New Clip Coming Soon; ‘Battlefront’ joins the Teaser games

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Star Wars is continuing to tease us with new content.

From trailers pre-empting movies such as Fast and Furious 7 to cartoons showing on Cartoon Network, Star Wars makes sure the attention is all on it?especially when The Force Awakens is arriving at December this year. It appears that this is not all we?re about to expect from Star Wars, though. According to this Inquisitr article, the possibility of a second trailer for The Force Awakens is ripe, since we?re nearing half of the year.

Another thing that is Star Wars related is the game Star Wars: Battlefront from EA Games. In this article from Mashable, the game isn?t lacking on trailers, especially with E3 2015 coming up. This time, they?ve taken to Instagram in an effort to excite fans about the upcoming game by teasing with an image of a character said to be in the games. The images themselves feature a very, very familiar character indeed.

Juicy Details about the Second Trailer

Controlled images of the original cast will be shown, according to the Inquisitr report.

This is in line with the reported second trailer of the J.J Abrams directed ?Star Wars: The Force Awakens?, whose first trailer caused a furor during last year?s Thanksgiving weekend, as reported by Kotaku. It?s highly likely that the second teaser?if and when it comes out?will have the same effect. So what should people expect to see from the second trailer?

A further look at the newcomers, led by Finn (John Boyega), Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac), Kylo Ren (reportedly Adam Driver), and Rey (Daisy Ridley), will feature heavily in the second trailer, as well as a second look at the Galactic Republic?s situation with the Empire. That should be enough to get everyone hyped, not to mention that once May enters, it?s officially just six months away from December 2015.

?Battlefront? joins the Teasing Game

What?s with that familiar white armor?

StarWars stormyarm

A familiar white arm looking all ominous. [EA Games’ Instagram]

Well, if you?ve guessed what it is, don?t tell others. This is what EA Games has been up to, according to Mashable?s report. With Star Wars: Battlefront set in Hoth, there?s space for some very familiar characters?aside from this one?to make an appearance.

Star Wars: Battlefront marks the return of the Battlefront franchise, a popular online shooter where first-person shooting gets mixed up with intense combat featuring characters and settings from the universe. Other than the characters, fans are rightfully anxious to see what EA Games will be doing with the Star Wars universe in this game.

More Teasers from the Star Wars universe

It?s something that?s good about a new Star Wars game or movie coming out. Fans get to see what happened to their favorite characters, and they also revisit the universe again?with some new experiences to be expected. Let?s wait what the franchise has up its sleeve as the release dates?December 2015 for The Force Awakens, and Battlefront presumably before that?get nearer.


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