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Star Wars: Live-Action Drama includes ISIS taking over Tatooine Set

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Star Wars has been permeating the social consciousness ever since it announced it was arriving.

There?s no doubt about the next installment?s arrival, announced to be Christmas of this year. With that in mind, Star Wars fans should be rightfully excited, as it seemed after ?Star Wars: Return of the Jedi? that the series would wrap up. Now, production should be under way for the next movie after ?Star Wars: The Force Awakens?.

While waiting for Star Wars VII, LucasArts has to find a way to keep the fires burning. There seems to be a way to do this via the various Star Wars cartoons and the comics, but as per io9, another avenue that emerged is live-action drama; a Star Wars TV show, to be exact. There?s also this item from AV Club; however, it?s not good news. As it appears, ISIS has designs for conquering everything they lay their hands on?including Tatooine.

A live-action Star Wars

As it appears, the people behind Star Wars isn?t content on it just being seen on the big screen. They?re planning on bringing a live-action iteration of it?and this time, on the small screen.

Live action and TV show is a certainly intriguing mix. The show, as reported by io9, will do for the Star Wars franchise what Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has done so far for the Marvel Universe. So what new revelations will the show brings? As it appears, the show will feature characters included in the new expanded universe that will be seen on Star Wars Episode VII up until the next two films.

Everything hasn?t been confirmed as of yet. As far as Star Wars is concerned, it should be filed under ?speculative discussions?.

The Star Wars Waystation: Classy ISIS

Did you know that Anakin and Luke Skywalker?s home planet, Tatooine, was named after a real life location in Tunisia?

Tataouine is?as per AV Club?the name of the place, and it has been used by people who want to join up with ISIS. It poses a significant danger to tourists since it is in close proximity to the actual filming locations. If you?re a tourist, you would do good to heed the advisory by the British and US governments?or else, you might end up on the news as the latest ISIS victim.

Star Wars in the World Today

Since Star Wars: A New Hope came out in the early 80s, Star Wars has constantly expanded itself with its movies and various books on the franchise. Now, with the world today threatening even the locations of the classic films, will we see more content about the movie in the future? It?s great to think that we would, though we should observe how ISIS plans to move about to preserve the location of Tatooine and other filming locations.


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