Star Wars: Joss Whedon to come Onboard; Oscar Isaac talks Poe Dameron

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Star Wars is forging a path slowly and steadily.

This was evident as a trailer was shown before the Fast and Furious 7 movie shown earlier this month. That particular trailer was the first one?not the one showing Han Solo and Chewbacca touching down on Tatooine. More news about the movie comes to us from Slash Film, where it is rumored Joss Whedon will hop on to do one episode.

There?s one star seen on that trailer?Oscar Isaac, who plays the role of pilot Poe Dameron?that is the topic of this report from International Business Times. According to the said article, Oscar Isaac divulged some more juicy details not previously known about his said character. Does his character have any ties to the other main characters?

A Collection of Star Wars Events

Star Wars celebrated May 4 with a different atmosphere, owing to the fact that there was more than just memories to look at. Among those rumors are Joss Whedon?s inclusion among people who will direct the anthology, as well as questions about the cast and their respective characters?notably Oscar Isaac and his ?Poe Dameron? persona.

Joss Whedon, who had enjoyed rides in Marvel productions, appears to be en route to another Disney-bred project. However, fans tend to think otherwise, with user MoviesAreForever88 even quipping that Joss Whedon should ?not touch Star Wars?ever?.

More About Poe

Speaking about Poe Dameron, Oscar Isaac had more to say about his Star Wars character.

Oscar Isaac teased about his character some more, in this International Business Times report. He spoke about the importance of the character to the story, and even hinted about the home of the character, which was the planet Yavin 4. Yavin 4, as people may remember, was integral to the story of ?Star Wars: A New Hope?.

His importance to the story may even extend as far as Poe Dameron having some ties to Han Solo. There is no doubt, however, that Poe might have a bigger role in the new film, if the teaser trailer is any indication.

Star Wars Upcoming

It?s certainly exciting to know tidbits like this especially with a new Star Wars film in the works. Fans will surely wait for more about the newest Star Wars movie, other than what Oscar Isaac had said about his character, and the rumors surrounding Joss Whedon. The movie is scheduled for December 18 this year.


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