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Star Wars Game Will Be Co-Written By Actor Todd Stashwick

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Star Wars Game Will Be Co-Written By Actor Todd Stashwick

Redwood Shores, California ? Star Wars Game is going to be co-written by a person who shares the entertainment screen, actor Todd Stashwick.

This could be the chance for Stashwick to show that not all games that are inspired from movies turn out to be less entertaining. Star Wars movies were legendary. Until now, it has a huge fan-base of all ages. All these people could be disappointed with just one mistake from Stashwick and the other writers of the game.

He will be working with another director for games and movies Amy Hennig. They were together for several gaming projects already. The chemistry will not be something to build for these two.

Star Wars Game and the Hennig-Stashwick Team Up

The Star Wars Game is planned to be played under the production of Electronic Arts, now called the Visceral Games. This has been a major player in the gaming industry. There were also several projects related to the Star Wars Games that were produced out of their offices. EA Canada will be the one to work on the project.

Hennig and Stashwick are already talking about their plans on how the game will run. Surely, it will share the same story as the movie, but the way it is going to be told is different. Plus, involving all the characters in a battle controlled by the gamer is another different story.

Both Admiring Each Other for Their Works

Stashwick has been part of several movies while Hennig has become a mainstay in the gaming industry, though with different companies. These experiences have made them respect each other. Even if the chemistry is there, Star Wars Game will not come out as a good material if they do not acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses of each other.

One of the best materials that were co-created by Hennig is Uncharted. This has come out to be one good video game. However, she has left Naught Dog and is now working with Visceral. Stashwick, on the one hand, is known for being a good actor in the movies entitled Justified and The Riches. He has also written Devil Inside and a whole lot more.

The idea itself is already exciting. Merging two opposite but cooperative minds could be the best for the Star Wars Game. All those who have been living with Luke Skywalker and the rest of the cast will have more ways to be with their idols. What are you expecting in this creation?

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