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2015 is Star Wars? year, as it appears, and there are a lot of things happening related to the film.

For one, the film is scheduled to come at the end of the year, and so we?re waiting for a follow-up to the teaser trailer. That would possibly appear sometime around the middle of the year, as we get nearer and nearer the holiday season. However, as we are still in the first month of 2015, we are relegated to watching news avenues for developments regarding the series and its cast.

The latest news this February is about Felicity Jones. The film, as per The Guardian, will be a Star Wars spin-off film and to be directed by Gareth Edwards of Godzilla film. We take a look at the film and its possible plot?will there be a revelation of something in relation to the Star Wars universe? Also, we take a look at this report from Variety. While Disney evidently wants to cash in on Star Wars, they want to cash in big, as evidenced by this report of a theme park in the works for the galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars Stand-Alone film

Felicity Jones may be starring in her biggest project yet.

Anyone who?s ever been in a Star Wars film knows that it could either be the doorway to many projects for you, or?in the case of many?the signal of the end of your career. That certainly doesn?t appear to faze Jones, who, as per The Guardian, beat the likes of Rooney Mara and Tatiana Maslany for the role in the stand-alone Star Wars film. It?s supposed to be something that comes after the events of the latest Star Wars film in recent decades, as per The Guardian.

This wasn?t Jones biggest achievement, though. She received the nod after an Oscar-nominated performance in The Theory of Everything, where she took the role of Jane, Stephen Hawking?s first wife. Let?s just hope that in the case of Star Wars, her career will go far and not the other way around.

An Amusement Park of Galactic proportions

Disney seems intent on cashing in on the Star Wars franchise this early.

It might be the missing piece of the puzzle that aims to complete, but the Star Wars-Disney theme attraction is no joke. As per Variety, the park is scheduled to be announced in 2015, and it?s going to contain elements from the recent movies as well as the three future movies to come, one of which is to arrive later this year. It might be featured?as per Variety?as one of the new attractions planned to be installed at Disney parks in Shanghai, California, and Orlando.

New attractions aside, Star Wars might turn out to be the biggest thing that?s happened to Disney right after Frozen. It?s a given, considering how famous it still is after all those years that it became famous. Star Wars will definitely be a cash cow, and Disney intends to cash in big.

The Future for Star Wars

Expect to see many stand-alone films even as the two films in this latest trilogy are yet to come. That?s what I?m thinking; that?s also what is supposed to be happening. Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the others may also happen to be revealed in the theme parks. They may turn out to be spoilers too, in the event that the rides at the theme park get finished before the movie does.


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