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Star Wars: Is that Droid for Sale?

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The new droid BB-8 from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser clip. [Star Wars]

A wave of merchandise is surely going to follow the new trilogy of Star Wars, to start with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This after a report from TIME confirms the existence of a new toy?that of the rolling, tumbling droid seen in the last teaser trailer. With the designated name BB-8, toys of the newest droid joining C3P0 and R2D2 will be coming out in a few days.

Speaking of games, players should be aware that what happens in video games shouldn?t be a reflection of Star Wars lore?specifically BioWare?s games. Disney has basically distanced their universe from that seen in the Star Wars canon in video games, although they are not ruling out that the characters in these games are outsiders. The report from Kotaku brings us more.

World, meet BB-8

People who watched the first Star Wars trailer will notice a small droid running at the first part of the clip.

That little droid has been given a name since?BB-8?and it seems that it is due for its time in the spotlight. According to the TIME report, BB-8 has officially been made into a toy, and Sphero, a company famous for making smartphone-controlled spheres, is making the toy version of the droid.

Star Wars collectibles are a big part of the franchise, and people would often boast about their collections online. The BB-8 toy is something that Sphero hopes will also become a big part of the collection of fans everywhere, and the opportunity is big for that to happen. Sphero?s CCO Rob Maigret has high hopes for the toy, saying that he hoped they would manage to ?sell a gazillion BB-8s?.

Games become Non-Canon

Games like Star Wars: Battlefront helped a great deal in expanding the universe of Star Wars beyond the movies, but are things the same ever since Disney?s managed to include Star Wars under their fold?

With new management comes a new way of doing things, and if the Kotaku report is real, then Star Wars would have a radically changed universe?one that doesn?t include stories found in the games. Games like The Old Republic and Knights of the Old Republic will from now on belong to what is collectively known as the Star Wars Extended Universe, or Legacy, according to the report.

This means that, as far as Disney is concerned, BioWare?s games are part of an entirely different universe than that of the current Star Wars Universe. It should be simple enough to note that the current crop of movies happen in the future, while BioWare?s games are essentially part of the past.

?The Complete Star Wars Experience

Star Wars has a whole galaxy and hundreds of years of existence to be able to create a unified, ever-expanding universe. The existence of an extended and official universe shouldn?t be confusing; rather, it should be seen as a positive, considering each universe is a gold mine for more toy collectibles to be made.


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