Star Wars Battlefront Surprise Game Update: Minor Bugs Can Now Be Fixed

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And the game just received a game update to fix some minor issues to improve the game experience.

If you are expecting some new additions to the game modes, sorry but that is not going to happen. However, the update is to address and resolve some of the issues encountered in the game.

Below are the list of adjustments that were made from the update that was listed from the official forum:

  • General bug fixes for vehicles and physics improvements
  • Game modes balancing tweaks
  • HUD UI adjustments
  • Audio optimizations
  • General crash and stability fixes
  • Online traffic performance improvements
  • Various text fixes for all languages
  • General bug fixes for both Missions and Multiplayer
  • Legacy Controls should now work as intended

However, the patch note provided seems to be incomplete, as some players noticed that some weapons were nerfed, such as the DL-44 heavy blaster. A thread on Reddit are discussing some possible changes in the game that were not listed from the official forum, which made some players concerned as some weapons were nerfed without any notes from the update. Some weapons were also nerfed including the Barrage grenades.

However, Electronic Arts and DICE are aware of the complains as Star Wars Battlefront Community Manager “Sledgehammer70” mentioned on his Twitter account that he is working on providing the complete details in today?s update. Hopefully this would answer the concerns of the players who are playing Battlefront, though nothing is wrong if there are changes on the weapons and power ups for the sake of making the game balanced, though it would be nice if EA provide a much accurate and complete details on the changes in the game rather than just surprise players with updates with barely any information about the said fixes.

Star Wars Battlefront is already available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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