Star Wars Battlefront Review Round Up: The Game Is Good, But It Could Have Been Better – Critics

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The long awaited Star Wars game is finally here, but is it indeed worth the wait?

Star Wars Battlefront will mark the return of the large scale combat and will feature some of the known locations from the Trilogy, and with some improvements on the gameplay and game modes. But is it really worth every after all the hype? So we pick some of the known gaming site and see what their impressions for Star Wars Battlefront are

Gamespot 7 out of 10

If nothing else, Star Wars Battlefront is an exercise in pure spectacle, laid out in all of its neon glory. I can’t help but smile when the Boba Fett guns down three fighters in a row from his Slave I ship, or a snowspeeder careens past with flames trailing in its wake. The first 10 hours are packed with these moments, and it’s worth playing just to watch them unfold.

But Battlefront doesn’t go much deeper than its ambitious surface appeal. It front loads its best content, only to fade in quality as the hours roll by. Star Wars Battlefront’s skin is beautiful, but its legs are shaking, and threaten to buckle with time.

Polygon 8 out of 10

In a sea of multiplayer-focused shooters, Star Wars Battlefront distinguishes itself as much by what it does as what it doesn’t, and that comes at a price. Its old school simplicity doesn’t always mesh with its attempts to bring those ideas into 2015, and it lacks some of those back-of-the-box bullet points that most modern AAA shooters wouldn’t be caught dead without.

That said: This in a game where you crest a frozen ridge on the surface of Hoth and see a thousand lasers turn the sky into a disco and an AT-AT into scrap metal. If a little of the fat has to be trimmed for more people to have that experience, then blaster holes for bullet points seems like a fair trade.

Gamesradar 4 out of 5

This philosophy of getting players involved, and making your whole experience as hassle-free as possible, is the beating heart of Star Wars Battlefront. Rarely has any video game pushed pure, uncomplicated joy so forcefully to the fore. Sure, as a shooter, this can be rigidly simple at times, and does occasionally leave me yearning for something a little more complex and involving because I’m that guy who spent the rest of 2015 playing Destiny. As a wonderful recreation of some of my most cherished childhood fantasies (and you will feel the same, such is its universal appeal) Star Wars Battlefront is an absolute triumph.

So far a mixed reaction, but if you are a Star Wars fans, maybe you should pick this one up. If you have played the game, share us your thoughts about it on our comment section

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