Star Wars Battlefront News: Season Pass Detailed, Walker Assault On Hoth To Be Balanced

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Publisher EA will not give you post-launch content for Star Wars Battlefront as you?ll have to splurge $49.95 more for a season pass. What are the content included in the season pass and is it worth it? Here?s everything you?ll get in the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass according to the game?s official website via PC Gamer:

  • 4 digital expansion packs. The first one will be released in early 2016.
  • Over 20 ?new pieces of galactic tech?. These include weapons, vehicles, and Star Cards.
  • 4 more heroes and villains
  • 4 new game modes
  • 16 multiplayer maps
  • Two-week early access to expansion packs
  • Exclusive ?Shoot First? emote

Faithfully Unbalanced Walker Assault On Hoth

Numerous players who participated in the Star Wars Battlefront Beta found it unbalanced to play as the Rebels in the multiplayer mode, Walker Assault On Hoth. Many attested that playing as the Rebels placed players at a disadvantage.

I myself lost almost all my matches whenever I played as the Rebels, however, the reason for the loss was mostly because of my team not trying to fight for themselves and not fulfill defensive objectives. In my experience, winning battles as the Empire was easy even if players didn?t fight as a team because the Empire only need to protect defenses, hence, killing foes is enough to win matches.

Despite this balancing issue, numerous players were pleased that the game mode was faithful to its source material as The Empire Strikes Back movie sees the Rebels obliterated by the Empire during. ?It was fun to see people taking it that way,? Star Wars Battlefront designer Jamie Keen told Eurogamer.

Keen promised that they will balance-out Assault On Hoth especially as they never planned it to be that way. ?It should be 50/50 in terms of success ratio, that?s what we?re gunning for,? Keen said. AT-ATs will now have weak spots.

Star Wars Battlefront will be released on November 17 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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