Star Wars: Battlefront Launch Independent of Episode 7’s Release

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As Star Wars Episode 7 is in the works, a lot of people have been looking for anything Star Wars related lately. There are people true to the mythos who think that being taken over by Disney is bad news; some think J.J Abrams will be a good fit as director of the first ?of a new trilogy; and some are excited that the whole gang is back. What would they be bringing to the table?

Star Wars? expanded universe plays a role in these speculations, and they are looking at the children of the original characters as the protagonists this time around. However, even in the film, shadows of the Empire led by Darth Sidious still hang around literally, with some rumors floating that in the film, the plot that will be explored will be how they cope with stragglers of the once-mighty Empire that Luke Skywalker?s father served.

This movie isn?t only good for the studio that is bankrolling it. Of course, it?s also good for the game studios that are making or have made games already focused on the Star Wars universe. Of one particular interest is EA?s Star Wars: Battlefront, who is reportedly launching a game in tandem with the film.

However, EA claimed that the film?s release and the game?s release are independent of each other. While ?what they are saying might??be true, they, however, prefer releasing the game close to the movie. This was explored during an interview with EA on the nature of the delay of the Episode VII movie. With the explanation that the game is more rooted to the traditional Star Wars universe than that of the cinematic universe, they said the game is more a celebration of the history of Star Wars canon rather than that of the movies.

The movies, being tied as closely to the film as they are, will inevitably appear in the games through some elements from films, EA said. But there are no guarantees about that, as even the movie hasn?t revealed anything yet, other than the fact that it is set 30 years after the events of Return of the Jedi. Luke, Han, and Leia are also a certainty to appear again in Episode VII.

The latest in the Star Wars cinematic series is scheduled to come out on December of 2015. Battlefront is being worked on by the creators of Battlefield and Mirror?s Edge too, and does not have a definite release date as of yet. However, there were glimpses of the game from their showing at the annual E3. EA also said that we should expect to see some more this coming spring.

Games that are released in time with a movie tend to suffer in quality, they reiterated. Such was the case of the Transformers franchise, whose game Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark was criticized as being rushed and unimaginative. It was launched during the premier of Transformers: Age of Extinction, no doubt in an effort to cash in on the buzz generated by the movie itself.

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