Star Wars Battlefront Guide: Tips To Help You Win Objectives

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You will surely die a lot in the chaotic multiplayer modes of Star Wars Battlefront. Like most objective-based modes in multiplayer games, racking the most number of kills doesn?t guarantee your team of a victory. Here?s our Star Wars Battlefront Guide and tips to help your team increase its chances for a victory.

Walker Assault On Hoth

Achieving victory when playing as the rebels in??Walker Assault On Hoth? is difficult if your team doesn?t coordinate in taking down the Empire?s AT-ATs. Most difficult of all is if your team keeps firing their laser blasters at the AT-ATs even if its shield is still up. AT-ATs can only be damaged once the Y-Wings have already disengaged the AT-ATs shields.

Once the AT-ATs? shields are down, your entire team should focus on blasting away at the AT-ATs. To boost your damage to the AT-ATs, walk under the AT-AT and start firing at its belly. The underbelly of the AT-AT is their weak spot and blasting it with special weapons obtainable via Star Card power-ups will surely deal a significant amount of damage.


Rushing blindly towards your objective is a quick way to get you killed in the game. If you need to travel quickly, make sure you use your personal shield available via Star Card. Reaching an area first with your buddies gives you an advantage especially as fallen allies can spawn beside their buddies.


Playing Star Wars Battlefront in first person helps you become more accurate in targeting enemies. But you?ll want to change your view from time to time as going 3rd person actually boosts your peripheral vision. Going 3rd person allows you to see if there?s an enemy waiting or approaching you from your side. You?ll want to use the 3rd person view frequently in large map when travelling to your objective.

Star Wars Battlefront is available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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