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Star Wars Battlefront DLC: Outer Rim Pack Drops April 5 Says Gamestop, New Heroes, Maps, and Modes Detailed

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EA is releasing the next round of Star Wars Battlefront in a few weeks. According to a listing on Gamestop?s website, the Outer Rim DLC pack will be available for download at 9:00 AM CST on April 5. EA?s website still states that the expansion is set to come out in ?March 2016?. The company has not confirmed whether the date has been pushed back or if Gamestop?s listing is just an error. Stay tuned for more news.

Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim DLC

The add-on will retail for $14.99 individually or $49.99 as part of the season pass. The Outer Rim DLC is the first of four-planned expansions coming to Star Wars Battlefront in the next year. It will introduce new maps set in the existing planets of Sullust and Tatooine.

?Blast enemies in the smelting factory or along the industrial pipes and platforms of Sullust or fight through Jabba?s throne room and sail barge garage on Tatooine.? Reads the official description.

In addition, the Outer Rim DLC will see two new heroes jump into the fray. The first is none other than the infamous Rodian Bounty Hunter Greedo. Players will definitely want to shoot first when using him. The second is Nien Nunb, Lando Carlissian?s co-pilot and a deadly fighter in his own right.

The final new feature is an all-new game mode called extraction. Here?s the official description:

?Rebel forces have entered some of the most dangerous places in the Outer Rim in order to extract a valuable shipment of resources. Now they must bring the shipment to their transport ship before time runs out. The Empire has arrived to stop them from reaching the extraction point.?

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