Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Game To Be Revealed at E3 2014

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Star Wars Battlefront for 2014
Star Wars Battlefront for 2014

A confirmation from EA says that a new Star Wars: Battlefront will be revealed at this year?s E3 event. This will be the third in the much loved series of Star Wars: Battlefront.?

According to DICE, the developers of the game, Star Wars: Battlefront III is still ?far from completed, but it will make its way in E3 regardless of the development?s state. ?In ?yesterday?s EA Investor?s conference call, CEO Andrew Wilson responded to questions regarding the development status of any Star Wars games.

According to him, the game?s development is going smooth and streamlined, although, there are lots of details and mechanics that still need to be worked on.

Star Wars: Battlefront III or whatever they will call it, will be with other EA games that are scheduled to make an appearance at this year?s E3. It is not mentioned if the game will be playable or not.

EA had a deal with Disney in 2013, that will allow EA to produce games from the Star Wars franchise. Aside from Battlefront being worked on by DICE, another Star Wars game is being developed by Visceral, the people behind Dead Space. The game they are working on ?is said to be an open-world game and a writer from the Uncharted game, Amy Hennig will be in charge of the game?s story.

Patrick Bach, DICE?s executive producer said that having the game created is kind of ?scary? for them. The first two games, Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II was created by Pandemic Studios, which is now gone. They released the game in 2004 and 2005.

Another update is that, according to EA, all future Star Wars projects and releases (with games included) will now be canonical. This means that the next Star Wars: Battlefront game will follow the official story of the franchise and won?t be just a spin-off sort of thing.

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