?Star Wars Battlefront? 2015: Single Player Scrapped Because Nobody Plays It, Multiplayer Games Is The Future Of Video Games?

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Imagine playing an epic narrative-driven single player campaign in Star Wars Battlefront where you fight against uneven odds in the face of a looming threat where big and explosive set pieces fill your journey. The Chief Operating Officer of EA, Peter Moore however can?t imagine this, deeming a lack of single player campaign in Battlefront was necessary because not enough people are interested in it.

Moore?told Gamespot in an interview: ??very few people actually play the single-player on these kinds of games.?

Moore’s?claims has startled many who are accustomed with having a single player campaign in their games. Even games that heavily advertises multiplayer features like the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchise has a campaign mode. As most of the games by EA?have a single player campaign, why not doesn’t Battlefront have one?

Why would EA scrap single player when it?s the norm?

The Battlefront franchise has been a predominantly multiplayer franchise which is why they have a pure multiplayer focus with its latest release, Battlefront Senior Producer Sigurlina Ingvarsdottir told Gamespot at Gamescom last year.

?As we concepted the game and though about the legacy of the previous Battlefront games?they didn?t really have campaigns, they?ve always been predominantly a multiplayer franchise. That?s what we wanted to do,? she said.

Other Possible Reasons Why EA opted for no single player

Another reason why EA might have opted for no single player in Star Wars Battlefront is because the demand for multiplayer games is too large that it is enough for them to release a game entirely built around it. We can even see the trend of heavily narrative games recently being included with multiplayer game-modes such as Bioshock, Uncharted, God of War, Assassins Creed, Mass Effect, and more.

Countless Bioshock fans protested that Bioshock 2 didn?t need an online experience and they wished that all of the developers? resources be pooled instead onto the single player campaign. Fans reacted the same way with the Sony exclusive Uncharted 2 which added a cooperative mode and a Call of Duty inspired competitive multiplayer gameplay.

What drove these companies from injecting multiplayer experiences in their franchise?s sequels? Many fans would protest that they would play the follow-up even without the multiplayer feature.

Even top publication, Forbes, was weirded-out when the latest entry from the God of War franchise, God of War Ascension, introduced multiplayer gameplay. They wrote: ?It?s hard to accept that companies are inserting multiplayer into these games because they truly believe the series was designed for such an addition.? Rather, the benefits of multiplayer usually outweigh whether or not it actually fits with the title.?

God of War Ascension introduced a multiplayer feature for the first time in the franchise and this surprised many fans. The game however garnered low sales and is considered a flop by many as it sold only 360,000 copies in the first month of release, a significantly lower sales from God of War 3 which sold 1.1 million, Destructoid reported.? We may never know if the introduction of the multiplayer featured detracted fans or if it wasn?t enough to lure players into buying the game.

Is There Really A Demand For Pure Online Multiplayer Games?

The number of games that purely feature multiplayer functionalities are more played than those the purely features a single player campaign according to data by Statista.

These are the most played PC games in June 2015 as reported by Statista:

  • League of Legends (21.92%)
  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive (6.86%)
  • World of Warcraft (5.28%)
  • DOTA 2 (5.22%)
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (3.3%)
  • World of Tanks (3.12%)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (2.48%)
  • Heroes of the Storm (2.37%)
  • Smite (2.21%)
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (2.12%)
  • Minecraft (1.88%)
  • Ark: Survival Evolved (1.61%)
  • Clicker Heroes (1.23%)
  • Diablo III (1.14%)
  • Final Fantasy XIV Online (0.9%)
  • Fifa 15 (0.76%)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (0.74%)
  • Warframe (0.7%)
  • Dungeon Fighter Online (0.7%)

The list clearly shows the top list being dominated by online only games. The narrative driven game Witcher 3 was able to sneak past into the top five spot. But we can see Warframe, an free-to-play online only game released early in 2013, still occupying the top games in the list.

Are multiplayer games the future?

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