Star Wars Battlefront 2015 News: Unique Bonus Skills, Popular Characters And Other Features To Look Forward To!

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Star Wars Battlefront will be available in a few weeks, so here are some features that will surely get you hooked into the game.

It will surely be exciting for both first person shooter and Star Wars fans with the upcoming release of Star Wars Battlefront from EA and DICE, here are things that will keep us hooked

Unique Bonus Skills

The class system in Battlefront will be more open, but the classes will not just revolve more on just shooting. Some classes allow you to jump higher, thanks to the installed boosters, allow you to evade attacks or even steal other vehicles. Some perks also include using bubble shields as defensive maneuvers or calling out airstrikes to take down enemy AT-ATs.

Recreate the memorable scenes in Star Wars

Remember the AT-AT takedown scene on the Empire Strikes Back? Well you can actually do that in Battlefront. Using your Snowspeeder in tangling those pesky AT-ATs with cable hooks will be a satisfying scene. But we are still unsure if some of the other notable scenes in other Star Wars film will also be featured.

Play it in First-Person or Third-Person

Do you want to make it more realistic on your game experience or good old fashioned view? Set it to First-person view, want it more action-packed and stay original from the previous Battlefront games? Switch to Third-person. You can toggle to either view modes at any time you want.

Popular characters will be available

When you saw the gameplay trailers of Battlefront, you are probably guessing that some heroes and villains from the Star Wars movies will make an appearance and be playable. Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Luke Sykwalker were confirmed to be playable characters in the game, along with their signature moves and overpowered abilities against normal grunt units. It is going to be a fun match.

You can pilot almost all of the known vehicles

What makes Battlefront, especially on the previous ones, is that you can pilot any vehicles and use it during the match. From AT-STs to Speeder Bikes to X-Wings, all of them are usable. And each vehicle will be matching on their specific levels, so Hoth levels will be more on Snowspeeders, AT-ATs and X-Wings.


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