Star Wars Battlefront 2015 News And Release Date: Download App Made For Game Update, Base Command Game Included, Epic Live-Action Trailer Gears Fans For Game (Watch)

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There?s only a few days to go before you can take part of the battle between the Rebels and the Empire.

Star Wars Battlefront will be available on November 17, and to keep yourself on track and keeping the hype high, Electronic Arts has launched the companion app for Battlefront. This app keeps yourself connected with your buddies in the game as well as tracking your records of your playthrough and the best part, it has a game called Base Command.

Base Command is more of a ?lightweight card game? where completing missions, where it is called a Siege, lets you earn credits that can be used in the Star Wars Battlefront main game. Credits lets you purchase equipment to improve your battle against the Rebels or the Empire, though you can still acquire credits when your play on Battlefront, but you can also earn them at Base Command.

Playing Base Command may be simple but it has a complex game mechanics, a wave of Imperial troops ranging from Stormtroopers to AT-AT walkers are heading to your way and you must stop them before they destroy your base. You will be using different kinds of cards to help you fend off the invading troops as you survive wave after wave of attacks.

Alternatively you can also use the Star Cards that you earn from Star Wars Battlefront to your Base Command deck, which can help boost your cards in terms of attack and other special abilities.

Base Command is now available for the iOS and Android, meanwhile a new trailer for Star Wars Battlefront just went online, and it features a live action commercial-like video on showing how you can be one with the Force, and it also features Anna Kendrick on the trailer, so better watch the new trailer below

Star Wars Battlefront will be available on November 17 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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