Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will continue even after GameSpy ceases operation

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The Force is strong in GameRanger, a free Mac and Windows PC program, as it will keep the game, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 multiplayer, going after May 31.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 was first released for the Windows PC in 2005 and includes multiplayer support for up to 64 players in five different modes that are fought in 16 different battlefronts.

The game originally runs with GameSpy Technology, A Glu Mobile owned type of service that provides multiplayer functionalities like matchmaking to different games as well as leaderboards but GameSpy announced last month that it would be ceasing its hosting services as of May 31, effectively signing the order for the service?s termination.

The multiplayer functionality of GameSpy Technology reaches far and wide as a lot of games on consoles, computers and mobile devices are affected. Some of these platforms include Android, iOS, Wii, Nintendo DS, Mac, PlayStation 3, Playstation Vita, Windows PC, and the Xbox 360. With so many platforms affected, a wide variety of publishers are also affected such as 2K Games, Bethesda Softworks, Activision, Electronic Arts, Sega, Ubisoft, and Epic Games. Some of these publishers though have already made changes to ensure that their user base is unaffected with this change.

With this termination of service, some games like Borderlands will be changing their hosting services while others games like Star Wars: Empire at War ? Gold Pack and Star Wars: Battlefront 2, according to their Steam pages, will cease their official online operations when GameSpy shuts down.

Some games thrive solely on multiplayer capability and GameRanger helps ensure that games like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will continue to be accessible to its fans even when GameSpy closes.

This bit of news comes at a time when the Star Wars franchise is quite busy. The first part is that Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy announced that there will be a story group that will unify various timelines in the Expanded Universe. Then, there was also an announcement by LucasFilm for the Star Wars: Episode VII cast. Lastly, it was announced earlier this week by Electronic Arts that there would be a new Star Wars Battlefront game.

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