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Star Wars Battlefront 2: What It Can Learn From Titanfall 2

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star wars battlefront 2
The game has a lot to learn from Titanfall 2. [Image from Amazon]

After the first game received mixed reviews, it seems like Star Wars Battlefront 2 will try to make things better. Developers already promised that the game would have a lengthy single-player campaign and we might not see a season pass. It’s a pattern that bares some similarities to EA’s other shooter, Titanfall 2, which garnered plenty of acclaim from fans.

For those unaware, the first Titanfall was a bit controversial for having a bare-bones campaign that showed it’s multiplayer focus. The sequel made up for it in a big way, with a great eight hour campaign that everyone really enjoyed. With the similarities already showing, here are a few other things that the second Battlefront can learn from Titanfall 2.

Small Day One Update

EA surprised the gaming industry and fans everywhere when they announced the ridiculously small Titanfall 2 day one update. It immediately showed how confident the company was with the final product, which was polished despite a few multiplayer bugs. Star Wars Battlefront 2 launching with a small update could get fan attention, since no one likes waiting to play.

Since there is pre-order DLC, the update will probably be bigger than the one that was released for Titanfall 2. That being said, no one will be scoffing at an update file that’s only 100MB or more. Players would love to see a small update for a game as big and as hyped as the second Star Wars Battlefront.

Free Updates and Modes

An article from Mashable teased the fact that Star Wars Battlefront 2 might not have a season pass, though EA was more coy with it. If this ends up happening, fans will be overjoyed since they won’t have to pay for extra content. Titanfall 2 still has no season pass and is currently one of the better shooters available right now, thanks to free modes and maps via updates.

Plenty of criticism was thrown at EA’s first Battlefront, after a US$49.99 season pass was announced for the game. Even after all the content was released, many felt that the pass wasn’t worth the money. Now that EA is extensively listening to fan reactions, they should either ditch the season pass or make great free content.

A Gripping Story

The trailer for Star Wars Battlefront 2 impressed many a fan, especially since the campaign has players working for The Empire. Most fans expected a campaign with The Rebellion, so this is quite a shocker. If it can be half as good as the story of Titanfall 2 – which many fans loved – EA will have succeeded with the game.

EA should also make the campaign long. Titanfall 2 was a decent eight hours, so Battlefront 2 should aim for a similar length. The sequel will be available on November 17 on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with offline co-op exclusive to console versions.

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