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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Should Have Seasonal Events

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Star Wars Battlefront 2
Source: Star Wars Battlefront II: Full Length Reveal Trailer video

EA Dice previously announced that they’ll do away with a season pass for Star Wars Battlefront 2. The developer previously said they’ll find other avenues to keep fans interested in the game. Potentially, they’ll have seasonal events to financially support new content. Due to Star Wars’ deep lore, fans may like to play a part in its historical conflicts or enjoy its unique cultural celebrations.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Seasonal Events

EA DICE’s Bernd Diemer has previously confirmed to Mashable about the “no season pass” plan for Star Wars Battlefront 2 but is still unsure if it’ll push through. Easily, seasonal events similar to Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch would work for Battlefront 2 if they’re not coming up with an extremely unique solution to remove the season pass. Currently, only few business models, like microtransactions, exist outside season passes when it comes to sustaining console online multiplayer games.

Historical Star Wars Conflicts As Expansions And Events

Potentially, Star Wars Battlefront 2 fans may receive historical Star Wars conflicts, battles, and skirmishes that ultimately decided a major plot point in the series as its seasonal events. The Clone Wars, the First Battle of Tatooine, the Battle of Endor, and even Rogue One’s events can be great settings for these seasonal events. EA could run a “What If” scenario that grants an equal chance for any side to win regardless of the story’s canon victors. Alternatively, EA can also do unique Star Wars fictional holiday celebrations like Boonta Eve, Festival of Light, or Empire Day as Battlefront 2’s seasonal event.

Star Wars Universe Exploration through Season Events

Star Wars is one of the longest running series since the first film released in 1970’s. Usually, the Star Wars video games are centered toward the main story canon or the struggles of a young padawan who joins either the light or dark side. The other parts of Star Wars culture were barely tackled in most Star Wars video games. EA can opt to go to these untouched parts of the Star Wars universe that and include them as seasonal events or major expansions for Star Wars Battlefront 2.

A Different DLC Business Model

No season passes doesn’t necessarily mean that players will never have to deal with spending more money after purchasing the game. While EA’s Star Wars Battlefront had plenty of essential content in its season pass, the game had no microtransactions. Things might be different in the sequel if the studio plans on skipping out on a season pass.

Even if the sequel were to have microtransactions, the lack of season passes would keep the player base intact and content can be sustained with post-release updates. Having all the maps and game modes available to everyone while keeping cosmetics and upgrades purchasable with either in-game currency and real money is what games like Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege has done to avoid splitting its community. Potentially, EA may do the same for their shooter.

As seen on Activision Blizzard’s 2016 financial report, Overwatch raked a large part of the Blizzard Entertainment’s income, along with World of Warcraft. The report notes that the earnings come from cosmetic DLC items. Players can buy Lootbox bundles if they want more chances for these character cosmetics. Overall, Overwatch has been successful with the microtransaction approach. Star Wars Battlefront 2 can learn from Blizzard Entertainment’s approach and include good cosmetics for its iconic hero characters.

No season passes may mean that EA has a different business model in mind for Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLCs. Diemer has confirmed that they’re listening to the fans, which could mean that they’re going to prepare a model that their fans would like. We’ll just have to wait for future announcements to see if EA will add microtransactions and seasonal events to make way for their “no season pass” approach.

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