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Star Wars: Battle Pod, Costume Exhibit News

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Games have always been a big part of Star Wars.

Star Wars has spawned a lot of merchandise over the years. Six films in, and with a new trilogy on the way, Star Wars is still looking to impress. Recently, they?ve kept themselves busy by making games, as seen in this GameSpot report. Aside from the awaited Battlefield, Star Wars is also bringing to us this game that is headed for the arcade?Star Wars: Battle Pod. Anyone who?s a fan of battle simulation will surely enjoy playing this game?especially if he?s also a Star Wars fan.

Aside from that, we also take a look at this report from The Guardian. Yes, we?ve seen them in the six films, and we?ve always thought what they would look like if seen in real life. Now, fans can relive their favorite Star Wars scenes through a walk in this collective museum of Star Wars memorabilia. It?s easy being a Star Wars fan when you take a look at these collections.

The Battle Pod

I?m one of those fans who?ve wished for a long time to be in the shoes of the pilots who went to fight the Battle of Yavin IV.

According to GameSpot, the latest from Star Wars?the Battle Pod?lets you fill in the shoes of one of the pilots in that trademark battle, among others. The Star Wars Battle Pod lets you relive key scenes from the movies, including dogfights such as the Battle for Naboo and the Battle above Coruscant. Any true Star Wars fans, the trailer says, will be excited to try it out and see for themselves if they have what it takes to take on the Empire.

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However awesome the pod may be, will there be capability to bring this over and use it along with an Oculus Rift headset, perhaps? It would surely be monumental if players can bring the experience home with them.

Star Wars: a History?in Costumes

Surely, people from all over would want to relive their best Star Wars experiences before the movie comes out.

As it appears, there is a chance they could walk through scenes from all the six movies at once. As per The Guardian, a Star Wars exhibit is happening at Seattle?s EMP Museum. Here, visitors can browse through costumes which were used through the six films and, as per The Guardian, were never before part of any exhibit.

This could also be very timely. Star Wars: The Force Awakens is to be shown at the end of the year, and people might look at these costumes as a way of reliving the first six episodes of the series. How cool would it be to have your picture taken along with these collections?

More Star Wars, Please

Star Wars fans might truly be looking at a renaissance of sorts of the series they all love dearly. While it had been silent after the first part of the series had been over, it?s a truly exciting time to be looking at a really unfamiliar territory?a film which no one knows truly, unlike the first three which told the history of the Empire and of Darth Vader, as well.


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