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Star Trek Beyond: Jeff Bezos, Where No Man Has Gone Before

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Star Trek Beyond, the 13th film of the Star Trek franchise, is set for release on July 22, 2016 in the United States. In the film, we will see the USS Enterprise crew being halfway in their five-year mission when they were attacked by unknown aliens. They are forced to abandon ship to find some amount of refuge on an unknown planet with slim chances for rescue. The crew is then forced to engage a cruel enemy they had not faced before.

The same reboot stars will reprise their roles in this upcoming film. Chris Pine is still to play Captain James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto will play Commander Spock. Zoe Saldana is expected to reprise her role as Lieutenant Nyota Uhura, the communications officer; Karl Urban will play Dr. McCoy, John Cho as Lieutenant Sulu and and the late Anton Yelchin as Ensign Pavel Chekov, in his last feature film. Simon Pegg will also reprise his role as chief engineer Montgomery Scott. Pegg also co-wrote the film.

One alien though in one long tracking shot in the film will be played by a lucky Star Trek fan, Jeff Bezos. It seems like that his fellow trekkies do not know who he is. Chris Pine, the lead, was one of them. Pine did not know who he was but spoke about his arrival to be quite intense with nine bodyguards and three limos. Director Justin Lin said that his arrival was like that of a president visiting the set with a big entourage.

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In the real world, Jeff Bezos is as real as it gets. You might even have had a transaction with his company Amazon–a company he started in his garage of his rented house. Bezos, a self-proclaimed Star Trek fan, managed to land a part that will cement him as such in Star Trek Beyond. Entrepreneurial much?

Director Justin Lin called Bezos? alien portrayal to be ?awesome? in an Associated Press report. Lin revealed that Bezos had to wait the whole day as they were shooting three scenes but when it was his time to shine, he nailed it every time.

Bezos is known to be a big dreamer. He also dreams a lot about space but he turned his dream into near reality when he founded his private space travel company, Blue Origin.

Are you going to watch Star Trek Beyond? Do you think you will spot Jeff Bezos as an alien? Leave your comments below.

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