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?Star Trek Beyond? Box Office Falls Short Of Expectations? Is Gay Sulu Issue To Be Blamed?

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This weekend, Star Trek Beyond opened with $59.6 million in the box office. It is one of the biggest debuts in the whole year. This is not the best though for the franchise as it is significantly below the $79.2 million opening of Star Trek in 2009 and well below the $83 million debut of Star Trek into Darkness in 2013.

As pointed out by Scott Mendelson in his Forbes article, Star Trek Beyond should have went past that debut as it is the ?50th anniversary of Star Trek?. He felt that Paramount could have done a little more in pushing the movie. Mendelson added that it is pretty noticeable that fans are more excited for Bryan Fuller?s new TV show, Star Trek: Discovery than the big budget Star Trek Beyond movie that had costed Paramount/Skydance production a whopping $185 million. The movie is not down for the count though.

The movie earned an A from Cinemascore and an 85% fresh score from Rotten Tomatoes. It also is the third-biggest live-action debut of the summer as well as the second-biggest non-superhero live action opening for year as of yet. In a USA Today report, senior analyst for comScore Paul Dergarabedian stated that even though there was a diminish in returns, it was still a hit in the context of the summer.

One major shift from the original version is that Lieutenant Sulu played by John Cho is being portrayed to be a gay man. This left fans to be quite unhappy about the recent portrayal. One superfan of the show and the former portrayer of Lieutenant Sulu, George Takei, who also is gay in real life does not like it at all.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that Simon Pegg, who plays Scott Montgomery and also co-wrote the Star Trek Beyond film, and director Justin Lin thought that this would be a homage to George Takei as a sci-fi icon and LGBT activist. Takei, though, thought that this was really unfortunate as this veered away ?twisting? Gene Roddenberry?s creation. Has the new reboot gone beyond Gene Roddenberry?s original conception? Was this a reason why fans did not get excited for the film?

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