Star Ocean Integrity And Faithlessness: What To Know Before Buying

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RPG fans have a lot to rejoice about today as the US version of Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness will finally launch on June 28. At its core, the new Star Ocean channels a lot from the series? staple features, but it?s also bringing a lot more to the table with the help of the new gens engine. There might be a lot of you still wondering whether or not the game is worth buying, so here are a few things you should know before purchasing the game.


The entire Star Ocean series is set in one universe, only at different areas and different timelines. Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness will take place between Star Ocean: The Second Story and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. The game?s main planet is Fraykreed, which is 6000 light years from Earth.

Same Battles, Only Bigger

One of the unique features of the series is its action-packed battle system. This will come back in the new game, but it?ll be different. All seven characters will be at battle at the same time, and players are free to swap between them. There also won?t be any transitions between exploring the open-world and battling as the game delivers a seamless playing experience. Despite having a total of seven characters on-screen, the gameplay video shows off smooth frame rates and excellent performance.

Is It Good?

The game launched in Japan last April and it was met with positive remarks. Famitsu even gave Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness an impressive 34 out of 40. RPG fans will surely love the game as it brings back the classic feel of JRPGs from the PS1 era. Series fans will love the game even more as everything about it calls back all things they love about the franchise including Private Actions, Item Crafting, sci-fi themes, and more.

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