Star Fox Zero Is Not Just for Kids

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Star Fox Zero

The upcoming Star Fox Zero will offer an invincible Arwing for players, which is new to the game. The invincible Arwing will guide players through levels so they can get a clear idea of what they will be doing in the game before heading to the normal mode.

The Star Fox Zero mode for beginners will also include an optional vehicle that makes the player unbeatable. The invincible Arwing is designed to help less skilled players, as the normal mode of the game will be highly challenging.

Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto revealed this in his recent interview with Time, along with some details about extra challenges in the game. Miyamoto said that Star Fox Zero will feature additional challenges for experienced players. He explained the need for an optional mode, and he has some solid reasons to prove his point.

Regarding the invincible Arwing in Star Fox Zero, Miyamoto said that he doesn?t appreciate the idea of developing very easy games which can be played even by casual gamers. He noted that the fun part in challenges is that they have to be serious hurdles that players need to overcome. Making the challenge easier does not make the game fun, according to him. Miyamoto further explained that the real fun in a game is accomplishing something that?s very difficult.

While speaking about Star Fox Zero, the designer said the game needed to have a “certain level of difficulty.” In Star Fox Zero, there are extra challenges that cause more damage than usual for experienced players. However, it also offers an easier gameplay for new players who are not up to the challenge.

Star Fox Zero will be released on April 21 for Nintendo Wii U; the game will be bundled with Star Fox Guard. Along with the copy of Star Fox Guard, the game will also include a local multiplayer.

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