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Star Citizen: Thought by Chris Roberts on Crowd-funding

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Star Citizen had been marching on and on since posting a record-breaking $50M crowdfunding. That?s already history, and along the way, it continued to post records with its $65M and $70M marks. However, for backers, this means bigger things. Each milestone means ships and updates galore from the Cloud Imperium guys, and that?s more of what backers can directly relate to.

It must be weighing on Chris Roberts? mind.

As per this Techno Buffalo article, we take a look at Chris Roberts and his thoughts on the crowd-funding phenomena Star Citizen is currently making. It?s certainly a big achievement, though how big it is for the guy who also was responsible for Wing Commander, we?re about to find out. Also, we take a look at this GameSpot article about the $70M mark being breached. As it appears, $100M is the next destination for the space-simulation game.

Chris Roberts on Star Citizen

Chris Roberts talks about his brainchild Star Citizen.

In the Techno Buffalo article, Chris Roberts was confident that Star Citizen would surpass expectations and reach the elusive $100M mark. His reason for claiming thus was that the game was kind of like in a give-and-take relationship; both sides give and take, with the backers giving their funding while they take in the form of ships and designs which Star Citizen gives. His timeline for this is close to the public release, which may be before the actual event, as per Techno Buffalo.

Depending on how Chris Roberts? Star Citizen performs, we might not see any game trump it for a very long time, but that?s what not critics would say. They would have it that if ever Star Citizen gets finished, because it indeed had taken such a long time to accomplish.

What $70M Means

Another reason for Chris Roberts? optimism may be news like this, coming by way of GameSpot.

Star Citizen had recently made a milestone $70M in crowd-funding, making Roberts? claim appear to be of no joke. As per GameSpot, this comes from the 734,700 people who seem to believe in his vision and Cloud Imperium?s development of the game. Aside from that, Star Citizen is bringing an update of Arena Commander?the previous 1.01?as thanks for the mark. It is also expected that new ships will be coming along as well.

Well and good for Chris Roberts and Star Citizen, a game which?if it comes out?will be hard to beat. Let?s take a look at a trailer for the new Arena Commander update:

[jwplayer mediaid=”109026″]

The Triumph of Star Citizen

That Star Citizen gets published is a record-breaking feat in and of itself. There has never been any game with the kind of amount that Star Citizen has in terms of funding, and that alone is enough to make us assume that the game will indeed reach completion. I shudder to think what will happen if, indeed, the game falls short of expectations, though.


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