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Star Citizen: The Future is Funded; Chris Roberts Speaks

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Aside from Fallout 4, Star Citizen is another game frequently figuring in discussions.

But that?s where the comparisons end. While it?s obvious that the game is different in scope and in plot, Star Citizen is also in a state of completion. Some parts of it are complete and playable?other parts are still coming along. These parts come along with every milestone achievement?so far, the milestone is barely $70M?and Chris Roberts also addresses these with videos on the Star Citizen website. As per Roberts Space Industries, we take a look at what Star Citizen has for us.

Another topic worth looking at is the way of funding that Star Citizen obviously heralded?the crowd-funding. If Star Citizen managed to become a phenomenon using this type of funding, will it be successfully utilized by every other game? How will a game be able to use this and what methods will they use to achieve it? As we take a look at this Mashable article, we also take a look at what crowd-funding?s effects might be like.

Chris Roberts Looks Ahead to a Great Year

Chris Roberts? latest 10 for the Chairman episode focused on the positive side of Star Citizen: most of their accomplishments and goals met last year, coupled with optimism that this year would be a year with no boundaries. It?s known that Star Citizen is well on its way to breaking the $70M barrier, and once that?s out of the way, there?s no stopping them from getting all the way to the $100M barrier.

There are a lot of reactions, as per the Roberts Space Industries page, which shows Star Citizen really knows their stuff. Of all this, Chris Roberts remains positive about fixing all the issues in a timely manner and managing to get through to full completion of the game. As for the crowdfunding, who knows when it?s going to end? It might even continue for a while even after the game gets completed.

The Superfans Shall Inherit

It?s this crowdfunding scheme that Chris Roberts is positive about, too.

Roberts cites his own perfect example of a crowdfunding success?the Veronica Mars Kickstarter initiative, as per Mashable. This funding was for the movie of the long-concluded CW show. It just goes to show how a well-explained, properly visible game could lead people to support that initiative through funding. This is the example that Chris Roberts thinks would be Star Citizen somewhere down the line.

When asked about a lot of money being thrown away, he cited that real fans don?t have anything to worry about concerning support. Support will come when the fans see that the object of their support is working?is actually giving them what they want to see. It?s evident in what has happened to Star Citizen so far, although for the future, that remains to be seen.

Star Citizen?s Future

As far as Chris Roberts is concerned, the future is rosy?even exciting?for Star Citizen. They have yet to give people a glimpse of the persistent future that they?re promising, and yet they already feel excited for it. As it appears too, crowd-funding will persist. Who knows? Maybe even after Star Citizen is finished, the crowd-funding will take on a whole different approach.


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