Star Citizen Squadron 42: Will We See CIG’s Vertical Slice This Year?

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Cloud Imperium Games has already confirmed that the release of Star Citizen Squadron 42 has been delayed indefinitely. But that hasn?t dampened fans? hopes of catching a glimpse of the game before the year ends. With Citizen Con wrapped up, the anniversary livestream looks like the last major event of 2016 where new footage could be revealed.

Could Star Citizen Squadron 42 Still Make An Appearance?

According to Cloud Imperium?s previous announcements, the stream will place a heavy emphasis on upcoming spaceships, and the rest of the ship design pipeline. As of this moment, they have not commented on whether the vertical slice that was widely expected to be revealed at Citizen Con is also on deck as well.

Prior to news of the delay breaking out, it looked like Star Citizen Squadron 42 was coming along nicely. But CIG?s silence on the current state of the vertical slice dismayed many fans.

?It sounded like it was ALMOST finished. If the “Road to CitizenCon” video is to be believed, they were only days or at most WEEKS from finishing the demo entirely,? writes a user named Entropy on the game?s forums. ?I can’t see how they would have needed all this time (months) to finish up the demo, unless it was VERY far behind schedule and nowhere near ready to be released at CitizenCon.?

Besides Star Citizen Squadron 42, there?s also a high demand for first looks at features from versions 2.6 and 3.0 of the main game. Will any of these parts of the game make it to tomorrow?s stream? We can only hope.

What are your thoughts on Star Citizen in 2016? Are you satisfied with the progress Chris Roberts and his team have made? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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