Star Citizen Squadron 42 Showcase At Holiday Livestream?

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Star Citizen Squadron 42

Will we get a glimpse of Star Citizen Squadron 42 before the year ends? As expected, the now delayed single player campaign was a no-show during the game?s recently concluded Anniversary livestream. With a little over a month left in 2016, the year-ending holiday livestream looks like our last hope of seeing Squadron 42 in action.

Star Citizen Squadron 42 Is The Christmas Gift Everyone Wants

Showing the Squadron 42 vertical slice would definitely be a welcome Christmas present for fans. It would also go a long way towards reassuring the game?s fan base about its future. While it?s safe to say that the community?s outlook on the game remains positive, there are an increasing number of fans who are growing disgruntled with Cloud Imperium Games slow progress.

Over on Reddit, a fan by the name of exray0 slammed what he perceived to be the developer?s?prioritization of selling ships over creating actual game content.

?If they don’t have the cash to finish the game(s), it’s because they went too far beyond their original concept and let the scope get totally out of control. That is not a practice I’m going to support, even if it means the game needs to be scaled back to get released.?

Several commenters echoed this sentiment, saying that their faith in CIG is waning after the lack of meaningful reveals. Other fans urged patience, pointing to Chris Roberts and co.?s unprecedented transparency throughout the game?s development.

Roberts recently announced that CIG would now be sharing internal timelines and target release dates for several key features.??We think it is right to further part the curtain and share with you our production process.” said Roberts in?a blog post.

What do you think? Will we get to see Squadron 42 this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below.

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