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Star Citizen Release, Gameplay: What to Expect From This Great New Game

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Star Citizen

If you are into space simulation games then Star Citizen is definitely something that you should look forward to. The game was first conceptualized in 2011 and until now gamers are still waiting excitedly for its release. It has not stopped Star Citizen from being part of several leaks and rumors though which give gamers a better idea about what to expect in the upcoming game.

Star Citizen is actually not just a single game. It may seem that way at first glance but when you know more about the game you realize that it is actually made up of modules which are linked together to provide an entirely new gaming experience.

The first section that you should know about Star Citizen is its single-player mode which is called Squadron 42. Of course there is a unique storyline and several big-name actors have already signed to provide their voices to the game. Among them are Gary Oldman, Mark Hamill and Liam Cunningham. If you want to play with a buddy, there is a Squadron 42 co-op mode so you can go through the various missions together with your friends.

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The Star Marine section of the game is similar to games such as Call of Duty where 16 players can play at a given time. The unique thing about this first-person combat mode is that space will be the setting and of course zero gravity effects will be in play.

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The most exciting of the sections of Star Citizen though is its ?Social? universe. This is similar to another popular game, EVE Online where gamers are treated to experience space combat, trading and exploring deep space together with other gamers from all over the world. This is a very intriguing aspect of the game and will surely make it all the more popular once it releases.

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If you are already excited for the game, there is sadly no confirmed release date for it just yet. According to Trusted Reviews, it could launch sometime in 2016 although more specific details will likely be revealed very soon.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on Star Citizen as well as on other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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