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Star Citizen: Persistent Universe EA to Come this Year?

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Star Citizen is starting to hit the ground in 2015 running, or so these news items say it is.

An article from Joystiq gives people hope that Star Citizen is shaping up a bit earlier and better than they anticipated. Crowd-funded, there are a lot of expectations for Star Citizen to defy boundaries and make itself a game for the centuries. Star Citizen is currently headed there?so far?and if Chris Roberts is to be believed, Star Citizen won?t stop just there and surge ahead to more interesting waters.

This other article coming from Joystiq gives hope to European fans who are players of Star Citizen. The support which had been lacking initially is finally coming; Star Citizen is going to have support in place for players in Europe, and it may have something to do with the developments going on regarding the update of their Arena Commander as well as the oncoming updates the game will get.

Early Access to the Persistent Universe

We?ve always heard how good the persistent universe is going to turn out.

This persistent universe is Chris Roberts? main draw for the crowdsourcing. As per Joystiq, the game will be coming sometime around 2015?although it will be accessible in an Alpha incarnation. No one knows if the alpha will be made public or otherwise, but as per the image on Joystiq?s site, there is a timeline of events which will slowly ease players in towards the alpha, and after that, the commercial release of Star Citizen.

Finally, it appears 2016 will be the year when all the crowdfunding will be put to the test with a persistent universe launch. Will people be getting their money?s worth? Considering Star Citizen had been showing some promise as of late, the Persistent Universe launch could be something worth looking forward to.

Good News, Bad News

Star Citizen hadn?t been launched in just one region. It?s also quite the game in Europe, where people are lining up to request support for their game.

Well, as per Joystiq, the tech support Euro gamers are clamoring for just arrived. However, as with everything, the add-on comes with a catch; while Euro gamers will doubtless appreciate the support that should finally fix some of the glitches they?re complaining about, Joystiq reports that it also comes with a VAT.

That shouldn?t come just because, though. Euro support requires a local office that houses a tech team for gaming concerns. That?s the reason why people are paying taxes?to fund the office and the techs.

All?s Well that Ends Well?

It certainly looks like Star Citizen is headed for a great debut. Barring any possibility that Star Citizen might encounter an unknown hiccup, this game will probably set the records for a game that?s been successfully crowdfunded and one that certainly looks like an AAA title.


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