Star Citizen News: ‘Crysis Style’ Planets to Be Shown at CitizenCon 2016

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With Gamescom in the books, Star Citizen fans are now looking toward CitizenCon 2016 for more information regarding the game. At a live Q&A yesterday, creator Chris Roberts outlined some of the plans he and his team have for the upcoming event, which is set to take place in Los Angeles on October 9.

Next Level of Star Citizen Procedural Tech Will Be On Display At CitizenCon

Much like the stage demo at Gamescom, the highlight of CitizenCon?s showcase will be Star Citizen?s procedural planet generation. Roberts said that the goal is to show off the next level of the technology, likening the target level of planetary environmental fidelity to that of Crysis. Expect to see worlds fully covered in vegetation and water this time.

According to Roberts, Star Citizen?s procedural generation system is completely scalable and can be modified to accurately represent the distance between planets. For gameplay reasons, the scale is being reduced. What you saw during the Gamescom stage demo represents roughly 1/10 the scale of planets. Meanwhile, the planets themselves are approximately ? the size of a real-life equivalent.

Right now, the plan is still to roll out the planet generation system with alpha patch 2.7. The update is shaping up to be Star Citizen?s biggest one yet, with features like a full-sized star system, atmospheric flight, and new NPC crowds all on deck for release as well. The update prior to this will feature Star Marine, the long-delayed FPS module that was scheduled to come out last year.

As for the rest of the promised Star Citizen package, we?ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully, CitizenCon 2016 will give us a better idea of when the full game, or at the very least the Squadron 42 single player campaign, will be coming out.

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