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Star Citizen Lumberyard Engine Vs CryEngine: Main Differences And Benefits

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Star Citizen Lumberyard Engine

Recently, Star Citizen confirmed that it has integrated their Star Engine with Amazon?s Lumberyard Engine. The game will now leave its previous CryEngine and continue development. However, some fans might be worried as changing game engines in mid-production may mean making things from the start again. Here?s what we know so far about both Amazon and Crytek?s game engine in the Star Citizen game.

Lumberyard Engine?

According to the BOREDGAMER_UK?s thread, the Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 build will be using Star Engine and Lumberyard Engine. Overall, change means improvements for the development and multiplayer side of the game. The Star Citizen Lumberyard Engine will be advantageous for players.

CryEngine?s Stake

At best, the Star Engine and Lumberyard Engine are based from the CryEngine. Star Citizen?s developers already use similar tools found in CryEngine in their own modified CryEngine called Star Engine. This is also the same case for the Star Citizen Lumberyard Engine. At best, this is a flexible move for the game?s developers as they can switch game engines without sacrificing too much in translating assets.

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Multiplayer and Online Support

Additionally, Star Citizen Lumberyard Engine is built to support more of the game?s online systems. Since Star Citizen is an online game too, players will enjoy improved online features like cloud storage support and netcode upgrade with this change. More than just building things in space, keeping the flow of things in times of crucial conflict or just daily playing is important.

At best, fans shouldn?t worry too much about this change. However, be mindful of errors you?ll find in the new build to help squash bugs and determine if the change was actually for the better.

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