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Star Citizen Holiday Livestream Start Time and Details: Update 2.6, Squadron 42, And What To Expect

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The Star Citizen Holiday Live Stream will be broadcast tomorrow at 11 am PST/7 am GMT. The main question surrounding this presentation is whether or not Squadron 42 will make its long awaited appearance.

Will Squadron 42 Debut During Star Citizen Holiday Livestream?

The single player campaign, which was previously targeted for release at the end of the year, was delayed indefinitely a few months back. Since then, fans have been clamoring for even the smallest glimpse of the game in action. It was a no-show at Citizen Con in October and the anniversary livestream that was broadcast last month. Tomorrow will likely be the last chance we?ll get at seeing it this year.

Cloud Imperium hasn?t said much regarding the talking points of tomorrow?s presentation. Here?s the email newsletter they sent out last week:

“Join us on our Twitch and YouTube channels for our Holiday Live Stream next Friday, December 16th at 11 AM PST / 7 PM GMT. Expect to see 2.6 gameplay and features, a friendly international competition, more details about an alien race, a new concept ship and details on our upcoming Holiday Promotions.”

In the past, Cloud Imperium said that a vertical slice for Squadron 42 was just ?days away from completion.? Could tomorrow finally be the day? It?s possible that the studio left it out of the newsletter to control fan expectations. They did something similar during the Anniversary livestream, when they announced the Star Marine multiplayer feature a day before the presentation. Hopefully, the same thing happens with Squadron 42.

Can Cloud Imperium make up for the delay and end the year on a high note? You?ll have to tune in to the Star Citizen Holiday Livestream to find out. For the latest news and updates, keep it right here on The BitBag.

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