Star Citizen Gamescom 2016 Live Stream: Watch 5 Days Of Gameplay Reveals And What To Expect From Cloud Imperium Games

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Star Citizen

Gamescom 2016 is about to start on August 17 with a ton of promising games this year. Star Citizen from Cloud Imperium Games will make an appearance in the event, and the company will livestream its game reveals in the next five days. Here?s what we know so far about the Star Citizen Gamescom 2016 livestreams.

According to the official Star Citizen site, the Star Citizen Gamescom 2016 livestream will feature game updates, interviews with its developers and community, and even Star Citizen items. Keep an eye on the game?s Twitch streams and check their schedules to not miss any details.

So far, the space game already has a lot of features coming, as seen on its funding goals page. Features like vehicles, new galaxies, pets, and weaponry will be added to the game as promised per funding goal. Due to the scope of these updates, it might be possible that the game may even overtake No Man?s Sky in multiplayer depth. For now, it?s possible that the game?s developers may release new content or more stretch goal rewards in the upcoming Star Citizen Gamescom 2016 livestream.

No Man?s Sky from Hello Games has been released on the PC and PS4. While both games have themes of space and intergalactic civilizations, No Man?s Sky focuses on exploration, while Star Citizen focuses on player agency and politics. Currently, No Man?s Sky has underwhelming multiplayer features, while Star Citizen is built to be enjoyed with many players.

The release date of Star Citizen is yet to be announced. The current release window for the game is 2016. During the Star Citizen Gamescom 2016 livestream, the developers might announce a solid release date for the game that players could finally look forward to in the future. Star Citizen is currently only available on PC platforms, particularly for the Windows and Linux.

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