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Star Citizen Galactic Tour: Anvil, Drake, RSI, And MISC Ships Showcased By Cloud Imperium Games

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Star Citizen Galactic Tour

With the Star Citizen Galactic Tour, Cloud Imperium Games is showcasing new ships coming with the game. The fictional journalist Jax McCleary is back with a new video showcasing Anvil ships as a part of the Galactic Expo. Additionally, the company has also showcased Drake, RSI and MISC ships. If you have missed the previously released details about the ships, you can find them all here.


Anvil Aerospace facility develops small, expensive and strong fighting aircraft. They?deliver military-grade crafts to the UEE navy, and now it aims to bring civilian aircraft as well. There are six ships coming from the Anvil Aerospace that include Carrack, Crucible, Gladiator, Hornet, Lightning and Terrapin.


The Star Citizen Galactic Tour now moves to Drake Interplanetary which is a company that makes cheap fighter craft. These armed ships are mostly preferred by pirates. Some of the known ships include Buccaneer, Marauder, Cutlass and Privateer. ?The ships are for legal purposes but also favored by pirates as they feature larger hull to collect loot.


Known as the Roberts Space Industries, it is the maker of quantum drive that is responsible for taking humans to the outer space. Its wide range of ships include Aurora, Bengal-class, Carrier, Constellation, Mover Transport and many more. The RSI has developed many ships and has also invented devices such as Atmo-Processor that are responsible for terraforming (a process to manipulate the environment of a planet to make it suitable for human life).


Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern manufactures modular ships. It sells the ships to various organizations, mostly the bigger ones. Recently, the company introduced two spacecrafts called Freelancer and Starfarer. The lineup of ships includes Endeavor, Fiera and many more that make MISC a strong competitor of RSI and Drake Interplanetary.

Cloud Imperium Games has released a series of videos which you can find below. Jax McCleary will reveal more information soon. Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more updates on Star Citizen.

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