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Star Citizen: Differences From No Man’s Sky

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Star Citizen

Space exploration has been a big thing in gaming, but developers have begun taking things a step further only recently, with titles like No Man?s Sky providing a bigger universe than ever before. Another game is set to explore space in great detail, with the promising Star Citizen currently generating hype. How does the upcoming title differ from No Man?s Sky?

Several Game Modes

The upcoming title aims to combine several genres into one full-fledged game. No Man?s Sky focuses on exploration and FPS gameplay most of the time, which is different from Star Citizen. The upcoming game focuses on space trading, space and land combat and even a multiplayer experience. Each genre is detailed. Trading, for example, is so in-depth; the developer went as far as making sure each piece of cargo affects the ships? performance.

Story Mode

Unlike No Man?s Sky?s ?storyless? approach to single-multiplayer, Star Citizen aims to deliver an epic journey in the galaxy with a story-based single player mode called Squadron 42. The story mode will focus on an elite unit that is played by some top-notch actors and actresses including Gary Oldman, John Rhys-Davies, Mark Hamill, Liam Cunningham and Andy Serkis. Those looking for a story-rich gameplay should be very excited for Star Citizen.

As Real As It Could Get

Real-life space flight isn?t a commodity. The developer plans on making a space-flight simulator than a video game. No Man?s Sky does revolve around space exploration, but it falls short on a few categories. The upcoming title?s goal is to simulate what it?s like on the galaxies, and with it, it will create a living, breathing universe that?s free for players to explore. We?ve yet to see how Star Citizen will fully turn out, but things are looking good for the game so far.

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