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Star Citizen: Benefits of the Public Test Universe

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Recently, Star Citizen?s been on a roll.

While the game is expected to pass $70M well on the way to $100M, Star Citizen is still making heads turn with timely updates. This time around, the view of an update comes by way of Kotaku. The Star Wars junkie in us could very well take to this new video of Star Citizen?s dogfights which surfaced on Kotaku and YouTube. If you have motion sickness, this certainly isn?t for you.

In other news, GameSpot brings to us a certain glimpse on what Star Citizen has been so proud of in the past days. Star Citizen might be taking a long time to finish, but at least, we now have a playable Public Test Universe available for all dogfighters to use. While it?s not as smooth-running as the finished product, this Public Test Universe will be a good way for Star Citizen to see how they?re going to do.

Impressive Dogfight is Impressive

Star Citizen is just about to get completed, but this early, it appears as impressive as advertised.

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From the looks of this video, which appeared on Kotaku, Star Citizen?s combat gameplay actually looks great. Not even that; even the staunchest of pilots might get distracted while flying through a really beautiful galaxy. That and the first-person view, which?in my personal observation?looks real sharp and crisp. If this is any indication of the final product, then Star Citizen will have a lot more funding even after the launch of the game.

Of course, you?d have to have a really good PC to enjoy the experience. It?s good enough to look at; kind of makes you think you?re watching a really nicely-rendered sci-fi movie. It seems Star Citizen took a step in the right direction.

The Public Test Universe

If you want a first-hand experience of the dogfights this early, you could try out the Public Test Universe.

The Public Test Universe, as per GameSpot, is a channel made available when the game devs want to test something. While it?s the closest thing to trying the game out in its rawest, untested form, it is actually a big risk; the Public Test Universe is a sandbox, if you will, and the keyword here is ?test??you?re a participant in a process where they?re trying to look for a glitch, so consider yourself warned. There are features and other functionalities which are missing here.

It?s a clever set-up, actually; by making the Public Test Universe available, they take out the need to hire testers for the games. However, they do risk alienating players who haven?t figured out the meaning of Public TEST Universe or what it?s really for.

Star Citizen?s Brilliance

These just show that Chris Roberts and Cloud Imperium clearly knew what they?re doing.

Chris Roberts envisioned a game with crisp graphics and a whole lot of firepower. As it appears, that?s what Star Citizen is right now. Players should have little to no fear now that the game will actually turn out to be a disappointment, not with what the video appears to show.


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