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Star Citizen: As Limitless as Space, Chris Roberts Claims

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A game like Star Citizen is truly a sight to behold.

What?s not to like? The crowd-funding phenomenon has reached a milestone of sorts, and it?s all thanks to the backers. Cloud Imperium games and Chris Roberts has a perfect set-up for the game; for every milestone, either ships or more of the features become available to the backers. It?s almost like a way of giving back the money to the backers in exchange for the support.

According to?Gamespot, it appears Chris Roberts is bracing for another year. Not that it?s been a difficult 2014, but there?s still a lot to finish within the game.

Star Citizen Keeps on Evolving

In Chris Roberts? own words, as per Gamespot, “Star Citizen isn?t a sprint, it isn?t even a marathon.”

To date, Star Citizen is steadily marching toward the $68.7M mark, with emphasis on creating a game that is being built “not just by 300 developers”, but also “hundreds of thousands of gamers that…love space games and want to see a game made RIGHT,” the report added.

Quite a lofty ambition, I?d say, but if Star Citizen?s milestones are anything to go by, then Chris Roberts might have been speaking the truth. Star Citizen has constantly outdone itself, and it may very well be on the way to proving its creator?s statements true.

An Entire Year?s Worth for Chris Roberts

Star Citizen?s busiest year could be 2014, when the game saw the addition of several modules as well as a plethora of ships per milestone achieved.

But based on?Chris Roberts? latest “Letter from the Chairman“?and a report by Joystiq, Star Citizen?s just getting started. Both?noted that Cloud Imperium has already gone from 70 to 180 employees spread across four locations. The game also grew thanks in huge part to the backers.

With the advent of Squadron 42?presumably a new module?and the beginning of the game?s persistent universe releasing, Star Citizen might eventually make believers out of a few, if not most, of its former doubters.

Look to the Future

This year, 2015, also means that Star Citizen is nearing the projected date of its completion.

All the steady releases and show of faith by giving out new ships to backers are signs that Star Citizen values its backers. After all, what would it be without them? What?s important is that with a steady show of faith, Star Citizen might after all become the historic game it aimed to be when it breached the $50M barrier.


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